Chapter Two: Water

“The river is within us, the sea is all about us.”

I have lots of notes on this chapter and will share them with all of you when we meet on June 20th at Mary Kay’s house. To get you going, though, I copied these great questions off of Diana’s website. If anyone has others, please add them to the comment section at the bottom of this page.

1. “The place where water and land touch is one of the
most significant geographies for our life on earth”
(p. 68). What do you think Butler Bass imagines from
both a scientific and a faith perspective when she
describes this riparian zone?
2. “Ancient biblical tradition suggests that waters—wells,
springs, oases—are also places of renewal, hospitality,
and spiritual vision, where human beings see God and
God’s blessing” (p. 73). What is your favorite water
story from a sacred text? What role does water play in
your faith tradition?
3. Butler Bass predicts that “our descendants will surely
interpret the spirituality of water in starkly different
ways than we do now” (p. 77). What examples do you
know of in which faith communities are collectively
addressing water shortage issues?
4. “This is a vibrant spiritual vision—knowing God as
water is not only about clarity and flow, but consists in
great part of the muddiness of our own lives” (p. 91).
How has God come to life for you in flowing, still, and
muddy waters?

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