Chapter 5: Home


1. Butler Bass makes many statements about home: Home
is more than a house (p. 166). Home is the geography
of our souls (p. 166). Home is a place where we belong
(p. 167). Write for five to ten minutes, beginning with
this prompt: “Home is …” Or, if discussing in a group,
give your definition of home.

2. “Our homes are a sort of spiritual training ground for
what happens in our world house” (p. 183). What spiritual
habits and lessons did you learn or teach at home
that you have seen play out in the world?

3. “Christianity itself can be understood as a domestic
revolution. The first churches recorded in the New Testament
met in homes, often overseen by women” (p.
187). How are house churches both a very old global
practice and a very new experiment?

4. “God is our home. God dwells with us and we in God”
(p. 190). How did God’s people find God and each
other in the days before church homes (refer to p. 187)?
How do they find one another now? If “home is an
ongoing spiritual presence” (p. 191), what are we to do
with that?

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