Chapter 6: Neighborhood

1. Early on, Butler Bass informs us that neighbor means
“near dweller” (p. 196). Do you know many of your
neighbors? Who are your neighbors, and what is your
relationship with them? Who has been a neighbor to
you in the wider sense of the word?
2. “Neighborhoods need spiritual gathering places as
much as they need schools and shops. Yet God does
not live at the neighborhood church” (p. 196). What do
you think the role of the neighborhood church is, and
what should it be?
3. Butler Bass brings up the idea of connecting with thousands
of people daily via media and social media (p.
205). Do you live in technology neighborhoods? What
are the challenges of those neighborhoods?
4. “The world can no longer afford tribes intent on purity
who believe God blesses only them” (p. 220). How does
Butler Bass distinguish among tribes, clans, and open
tribes? Who might disagree with this statement?

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