Every year, beginning on December 25th, I celebrate the full twelve days of Christmas. Perhaps because of my work in ministry for so many decades, I have been an insistent proponent of following the strict church calendar. But that’s not the only reason. I simply wanted to have a designated span of time to slow down and embrace the Incarnation, the infusion of the divine into every order corner of my life. At year’s end, this practice has steadied and fortified me for whatever the coming new year would bring. I see it as a gift not only to myself but to anyone who yearns for wisdom, seeks more meaning out of life than our consumer culture can ever provide. Rather than feeling let down the day after Christmas (as so many children often experience), or a sense of “good riddance” (as so many adults experience), the anticipation mounts to stay in the “Christmas frame of mind” until we reach Epiphany on January 6th.

For years, I have written and shared these reflections with family, friends, in person and online and many of you have accompanied me on this little sojourn. So once again, I invite you to take this twelve day journey with me. Resist the urge to take down the tree and put away the decorations early! Tarry awhile in the glow, linger in the light, and feel filled with strength when the first week of 2022 comes to be.

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